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CitiBet Horse Racing Games

You can win an impressive amount of money if you take part in sports betting and bet on the right competitor in the right race. To master the art of sports betting, you need a bookkeeper and an ideal source of information. An online betting exchange can become your perfect partner in this process since it offers all you need. If your passion lies with horse racing, you’ll find no better option than Citibet.

Horse and greyhound racing has been around for centuries and still the fascination with the sport has not subsided. An exciting part you can play in these majestic races is placing bets. With the advances in technology you can now follow races without being physically present and Citibet has built a name for itself for providing users with accurate & up to date information. This quality of information enables you to place bets at the right time and know results instantly.

Citibet has helped many users from Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries to enjoy the benefits of sports betting without leaving their homes. Here are a few ways in which Citibet earned its excellent reputation.

Citibet Variety and focus

Citibet is focused on providing users with information and betting facilities for the following types of races:

  • • Horse racing
  • • Greyhound racing
  • • Harness racing

Users can be assured that every effort is made to present the best information and tools possible, since the site’s resources aren’t distributed amongst a myriad of sports. If horse and dog racing is your favorite sport, this site is the platform for you.

Horse and dog racing is very popular around the world. This means that many races are organized to keep its supporters entertained. Citibet users will never have a dull moment because a new race starts almost every 10 minutes. Simply check the schedule and join the next race you have interest in.

Worldwide scope

Citibet is an Asian online betting site, but races from around the world are reported on. Many countries offer races of exceptional style and importance in the racing world. Citibet reports on all of them, so users are able to take part in races from near and far. Every continent’s races are listed, so users can keep an eye on multiple races at the same time. If you’re following the career of a certain animal or jockey, you can bet at each race they take part in.

Citibet Enhanced experience

Even though you’re betting from far away, you’ll feel as if you’re at the races thanks to Citibet’s up to date reporting. The system is so developed that you can even place a bet during a race and your submission will still be taken into account. Watching a race and quickly placing your bet online is the ultimate way of attaining an adrenaline rush.

You don’t have to bet on winners. As with betting in many other circumstances you can bet for or against a certain horse or greyhound. This increases the many ways you can win. You’re able to view other players’ bets and tickets. You’re then given the opportunity to bet or to ‘eat’ a ticket of another player. This makes the Citibet experience interactive and even more exciting.

You can even pick different modes of playing. The ideal mode for you will be determined by your budget as well as how you prefer playing the game. Pick from:

  • • SG Mode: This payment is determined by the amount of tickets you purchase and their price.
  • • HK Mode: You’ll pay a percentage of a ticket’s value.

Safe and affordable play

As with any online gaming site, players may have concerns about security and fraud. Players will be happy to know that Citibet passes the following tests and is therefore safe to use:

  • • The Google Safe Browsing application gives the website a ‘Safe’ status
  • • Mcafee tests find no significant security issues on the Citibet site
  • • The MyWOT tests give Citibet a 60% trustworthiness rating

These tests are done regularly so users can be assured that the site is kept safe for use and you can use its features without concern.

You can join the games with as little as 5RM, so you can start playing on a small scale while you learn the ropes. The other benefit of using Citibet as your betting partner is its low bookmaking margins. You know that any party helping you to place bets, also benefits from each game you play. A bookkeeper assists you in betting, but his payment comes out of your pocket. With Citibet you’re guaranteed low bookmaking margins, so you know you’re getting the best deal possible.

Up to date information

Citibet offers all you need in one place. Statitics are listed alongside upcoming events and you can even watch the races on the site itself. The Citibet infrastructure facilitates live action viewing so you have up to date information on hand at all times.

Caring for customers

Most of Citibet’s users are from Malaysia. Citibet aims at catering for a wide audience though, by offering services on its website in English as well. Users from Asian countries, as well as visitors can therefore enjoy the betting platform.

Citibet offers assistance to its users in a variety of ways. You can ask questions and request assistance via one of these mediums:

  • • Call the customer service team by phone
  • • Talk to a customer relations officer via Whatsapp
  • • Request feedback via Wechat

The site is well designed and simple enough for anyone to understand. You simply need to log in and access your profile to start placing your day’s bets.


Online gambling is exciting, but a responsible gambler knows to only use reputable bookkeepers and gaming sites. Citibet has proven itself trustworthy time and again. You can trust this site with your future horse racing bets and maybe even branch out into dog racing if you haven’t tried it. Give Citibet a try today and be prepared to be impressed by its elements of fun & functionality.